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Now In Our 11th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

October 23, 2022 @ 7:00

For the safety of everyone, attendees are required to wear a mask at all times in Stage Werx.

Everyone will be asked to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated plus an ID.

The health of attendees is of prime importance to us.

Paul Sussman photo

Paul Sussman

Beyond Belief

It’s dawn, after a sleepless night. The truth is right in front of us, too big to ignore. We’re not just friends — we’re meant to spend our lives together. Why hadn’t this occurred to us before, why had we not seen it? Maybe it was the astonishing sunrise. Maybe it was the LSD. We’d find out soon enough.

Barbara Brady photo

Barbara Brady

“Modess… because”

The Modess product designers might have been stuck in the Victorian age, but its marketing people were progressive. They came up with a groundbreaking ad campaign featuring glamour shots of gorgeous women and the slogan “Modess… because.” Because there’s this incredible social secret that’s so widespread it affects half the population, and we don’t talk about it… because.

Pearl Ong photo

Pearl Ong

I Will Survive

In 1978, I move to SF and it seems every homosexual in the world is here or trying to get here. It’s now or never. Am I a lesbian or not? In order to figure that out, I’ll need a girlfriend.

Natacha Ruck photo

Natacha Ruck

Your heart is on the left of your body

It is 7:55 on May 10th, 1981. In five minutes, the results of the French presidential election will post. This is the election of the century and Natacha is ready to implement her new political platform. But first she has to deal with the schoolyard bully, French grammar, and the meaning of forgiveness.