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Now In Our 11th Year!

Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia nr 16th
San Francisco

May 22, 2022 @ 7:00

For the safety of everyone, attendees are required to wear a mask at all times in Stage Werx.

Everyone will be asked to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated plus an ID.

The health of attendees is of prime importance to us.

Gary Hughes photo

Gary Hughes

Chasing XVIII

I’m holding a video game inside Target. I wrestle in my mind with whether I should steal it or not. I remember my grandmother saying to me that it’s easy to get in trouble but hard to get out. I look up at the security camera that my friend tells me doesn’t work. Praying he’s right, I stuff the game in the front of my pants and throw my shirt over it. As I walk towards the exit, I notice a security guard waiting by the door. Not sure if they were there before but I do know they’re causing major anxiety. Thinking on my feet, I stop to ask the guard if they know of another store that sells another popular game. The guard says yes, gives me the directions and lets me on my way. Now all I have to do is cross a giant parking lot and then I’ll feel the bricks fall from my shoulders. I make it out of the parking lot and reveal my hidden prize. Many more to come, I say to myself.

Pearl Ong photo

Pearl Ong

The Aunts

It’s Father's Day. My Dad and the Aunts are coming over for dessert. For the first time, I have a Gay Pride flag hanging proudly on my balcony. Should I take the flag down? Nah, I can’t be bothered, they’ll never notice. Anyway, we’re a family that avoids uncomfortable topics.

Paul Sussman photo

Paul Sussman

Beyond Belief

“I’m not getting on that boat! It’s going to explode and sink!”

I’m 12 and we’re standing in line on the dock, waiting to board.

“Hurry up or we won’t make it back by 6.”

“Yeah! Mom and Dad are going to be mad.”

I’m desperately trying to save my siblings’ lives and they’re worried about being a few minutes late?! How are Mom and Dad going to feel when we get blown up? I’d never had a feeling like this and I am absolutely sure I’m right. But they’re not buying it and start pulling me toward the boat…

Beth McLaughlin photo

Beth McLaughlin


Sometimes, in the dark, things get confused. And sometimes sentence structure doesn’t work like you think it does. You think one would get used to things. Like meeting strangers, wearing bracelets, trusting friends. But, I swear, life can still surprise you. Death might, too.